Even with harboring zero love for their mother, Leo bonded incredibly better together with around three half-sisters

Even with harboring zero love for their mother, Leo bonded incredibly better together with around three half-sisters


Leo is the youngest child and you may 2nd best Country dating sites youngest of 5 when you look at the this new Nohrian royal family relations and also the child regarding King Garon and a keen unnamed concubine. When Corrin try accompanied toward nearest and dearest during the his young people, the guy accepted her or him among their old sisters. Comparable to Camilla and you can Elise, Leo try unfortuitously made use of as a hack by his mommy into the purchase attain like which have Garon.

Many years prior to the occurrences away from Fates, a ring away from thieves attempted to deprive Castle Krakenburg but is quickly intercepted because of the Leo and also the castle guards. Among thieves is actually discontinued because the a beneficial scapegoat therefore the other people you certainly will escape. The new burglar was shown getting Niles, who begged Leo to put him from his heartache of the killing him. Leo felt like against complying towards thief’s consult, when he accepted his worthy of and you will decided to hire your as one of is own private retainers.

Sometime after, Garon produced a mysterious Dark Mage entitled Odin that have a dubious records prior to Leo, pressuring your to just accept the person among their retainers. Due to the second thoughts that he first harbored towards Odin, Leo deliberately deployed him with the hazardous and you can impossible missions inside an enthusiastic make an effort to cure him. Their worries proved to be unfounded, as he was pleased by Odin’s competence into the doing all missions flawlessly. Due to this fact, Leo approved Odin because a very important ally, after that refraining of placing your inside the harm’s means.


Leo produces 1st formal appearance during the Section step one, where he takes on audience towards mock duel one to Xander and you will Corrin take part in. Shortly after Corrin functions within the besting Xander inside the combat, Leo disrupts their replace of supplement by proclaiming that real energy cannot occur for the easy swordplay. As he tries to keep the new disagreement, they are interrupted because of the Corrin flirting your in order to have used brand new neckband away from their layer inside out, prompting your to flee in order to their household out-of embarrassment. The guy yields immediately after together with his collar fixed, where he scolds Elise having maybe not pretending the woman many years when she throws herself with the Corrin’s possession.

Corrin is actually afterwards escorted towards the throne place away from Palace Krakenburg using their siblings during the Part dos. Here, Leo watches to your as the Corrin resolutely says its have a tendency to to fight having Nohr prior to they are entrusted the fresh new cursed blade away from Ganglari and you can given problems so you can overcome and you can perform a group of Hoshidan prisoners. After they will not carry out the fresh prisoners, Garon kills a couple of her or him and you will orders Xander to help you eliminate the left inmates. Corrin is ready to fight Xander to safeguard the fresh new inmates. Enjoying hardly any other choice to melt the trouble, Leo “kills” the 2 remaining inmates. Immediately following Garon departs, Leo accompanies Corrin to escort the fresh inmates regarding Nohr. 

Afterwards in the Chapter step three, on understanding one to Corrin could have been punished with the task from examining a left behind fort on Hoshido-Nohr edging, Leo conveys question over Corrin’s decreased urgency in their regard away from Garon’s apparent leniency. It alerting from his produces him a slap out of Elise, exactly who appetite him to not frighten Corrin before their basic mission. He later shows up once again the remainder of his sisters to bolster Corrin when they is ambushed by the a team of Hoshidan Ninja added because of the Saizo. Whenever Xander after instructions Corrin to go out of with Gunter very first, Leo cannot see them again before the onset of Part six, if pushes regarding Hoshido and Nohr conflict at the Flatlands from Hoshido.

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